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Sun in Ha and CaK - 19 May


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The sun this morning in Ha and Cak. The Ha is an 8 pane mosaic taken with a double stacked PST.  The Cak is a similar mosaic done with the Altair Astro 102 ED-R stepped down to 70mm, and the Lunt CaK B600. Camera was the Altair GPcam V2.



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On 5/26/2022 at 6:32 AM, Cliff said:

Great image ;CaK might be what I need to cut through the atmosphere the images in CaK always look sharp and defined.

Thanks Terry and Cliff.!
Cliff, I love imaging in CaK.  It seems to work best at f.10, which is why I stop down my 102mm f.7 to 70mm.  At that image scale the enhanced sharpness more than makes up for any loss in resolution.

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Haven't tried stopping down a scope; is there a commercial device or do you just make up a cardboard ring ? I notice some scopes come with a smaller removable cap but not mine in fact it is metal and screws on.


CaK is on my to do list the Baader Hershel wedge has taken my funds at the moment. I could probably get a Lunt Cak and a white light wedge for the same price.





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18 hours ago, Cliff said:

is there a commercial device


Cliff I sometimes use stepping up rings (or stepping down rings) intended for fitting filters in conventional photography. These are K&F Concept ones I have from Amazon. Essentially I place the whole assembly into the front of the scope dew shield after removing the smaller ones to make the aperture to the size I want. Then tape it into position with some electrical tape. It works really well. You may have to shop around for bigger ones if you have a larger aperture though. 


These work great on my white light William Optics ZS73 based solar setup.



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