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Cone Nebula

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Hi all, I'm still waiting to get started this season so just had a quick re process of the cone nebula I took over just one night in March. This is 2.75 hours of 5 min subs therefor it's massively over stretched but was playing around with colour palettes in pixinsight. ! I've got two targets to finish from last year this and the Tadpoles & going to commit to 10 hrs per target. Anyway I'm sure the colour palette isn't for everyone but just fancied something a bit different from my usual processing . 




Christmas tree nebula forum (1 of 1).jpg

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Have a look in the history of the image within PI. I normally drag each step out to individual process icons and then make a process container from those icons. That way the entire process can be replicated and applied to an image. The process icons can be deleted once you have created the process container.

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