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IC1805 _ C&C Please


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Folowing on from my earleir post here is something i'd really like C&C and suggestions for improvement on.

All images from the same data set of 100 x 180s ISO1600 EOS700Da, SW Evostar 80ED, L-eNhance filter. Calibrated and stacked in APP, Processed in Pixinsight (complete beginner in PI)

The first is from the APP Ha-Oiii colour algorithm. While I'm ok with it the more I look at it the less good i thinnk it is,. It feels over processed i think but I'm not sure what to do to tame it.

The second is a false colour process and while I'm reasonably happy with the colours I'd appreciate honest critique and suggestions on it overall.

The main issue i see is in the lower left and looks like walking noise although this was dithered every frame at a Maximum Dither Distance calculated to be 10 imaging pixels. It shows much more in the Ha mono (HA and Oiii extracted in APP) than the Oiii - cropped and over stretched images of the area in Ha and Oiii attached. it does not really show in the red version. I'm really unsure of exactly what it is or how to cure it. Suggestions?

Full res images are here https://astrob.in/xtl0qq/0/ and here https://astrob.in/30l34c/0/

as I said, earlier, i really am looking for honest critique and suggestions to improve.

Thanks for any help


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Two good versions I would say. The colour of the SHO is really good.

There does seem to be the look of maybe being over sharpened a tad which looks like it's creating chrominance noise.

You could try a slightly softer approach, reduce the chrominance a touch and maybe try noise reduction on chrominance as well.

I think they only need very slight adjustments.


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