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The Propellor nebula and Friends


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This was my first actual session with my new mini-pc. Some initial issues with set-ups in PHD2 and APT, due to my failure to transfer everything properly from the old PC meant I ended up with only 2 hours of data. Between that and the fact that I'll have no astro-dark now until August meant that I did not have high expectations.


So, all that considered, I am pretty pleased with how this worked out. I'm particularly pleased with the way NGC 6914 has shown up. I framed it to get both the propellor and NGC6914 but did not expect to see much of the relection nebula because of the L-enhance.


SW80 ED, ASI 2600mc, L-enhance 40 X180s


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Thanks Carole! Yes it was fingers crossed as I was using Stelarium for framing and the propellor does not actually show in Stellarium so I had to judge it by the stars positions- so I was pleased when the firsts subs came in. I'm thinking to try a mosaic just extending it a little up and down.

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2 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

Great image considering the integration time was relatively short. Hopefully you have sorted out any issues with the new PC.

Thanks Terry. I think the new PC is fine, I just need to sort some settings in EQMOD which did not transfer properly and made PhD2 calibration a bit hit and miss.

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