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Tau Herculids shower...not a storm

Greg M

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It wasn't the storm that everyone had hoped for but the Tau Herculids did put on a decent show last night. I would compare it to a decent Perseid night as far as numbers go.
Here's a short timelapse I put together showing a few meteors along with plenty of aircraft and satellites. At the end I tacked on the brightest that I caught that left a persistent smoke trail for several of my 30-second frames,

Captured with a Canon 5D Mark III and canon 14mm f2.8L lens @ ISO1600, edited in DaVinci Resolve.
The lights on the horizon are from the small Nevada town of Searchlight.


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Hi Greg, loved the slomo. Amazing to see the smoke trail. I went out at about midnight but the sky was completely obscured by cloud. I'm just east of Manchester in the U.K.  It's not called the rainy city for nothing!     Gary

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17 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

... I’m sure to the naked eye the dome is not too bad.

It's visible. Not horrible like the long exposures show. But for sure there.

It's hard to escape some towns around here without driving for hours. This location is only 50 minutes from my home. 35 miles as the crow flies. With gas prices as they are now, this is about as far as I care to travel.

We are trying to plan a road trip about 5.5 hrs north of Vegas that is truly B1 skies at 7600'. Hoping weather and no moon cooperates with us this summer.

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