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...to all in this (still fairly) new place. It warms the heart to see the shared joy of so many here.

This is a good opportunity for me to thank those working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, un-glitching as necessary. Many thanks. ? 

As for myself, well, I recognize many of you from another place, where I learned much and made some friends.

Suffice to say I reside on a patch of North Sea floor - The Netherlands, aptly - where I observe the night sky with as small a telescope as I can get away with on the few not-quite-overcast occasions. In awe as I am of the efforts of (all you) imagers, I do all my own stacking in what's left of my grey matter. Eyepieces and undriven alt-az mounts, that's my ticket.

Nonetheless, I'll happily follow your endeavors shared here, and contribute where I can.

Best wishes to all,


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