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IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula -Widefield

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Managed to grab just one widefield session during my two week holiday. Unfortunately no clear evening sky in Somerset but I did get a clear night up on The Wirral and used it to grab nearly 2 hours worth of ET with the Samyang 135 and ASI294mc pro setup on the Star Adventurer. 

As well as the 2 hour widefield, I also integrated two previous sessions to do s 4 hour crop in HOO. 

Will be having a stab at better HOO and SHO versions later in the week. 

processed in APP, starnet++ and photoshop cc. 






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Just had a go at a proper, seperate  integration of both Ha and OIII images in Astro Pixel Processor.

Then recombined the two as HOO using RGB Combine in APP.


Still need to sort out proper flats for the Samyang 135mm, but this hacked version shows promise I think.


Also, I reduced the star layer before re-merging with the nebula in Photoshop, to try to avoid dark halos around reduced stars.




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