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June 2022 - Anyone playing tonight?

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been such a long time since I've had any of the rigs out for night imaging that I've forgotten what to do. Coming up on the solstice now so only a few weeks until we start to get astro dark again in the UK. In the meantime I've been white light and Ha imaging of the sun. I'm still waiting on my autofocuser for the Solar Scout arriving from DeepSkyDad. The UK dealer seems to have no DSD gear in at the moment despite saying there is a lead time of 2-4 days. 

I ordered my focuser back in April and still nothing on the horizon late June.

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Good luck Terry with your focuser - crazy.

I managed to get out yesterday for the first time in ages (father's day good excuse).

However no real imaging but added some critical ra and dec adjuster for my 80ed bracket so I could precisely centre it with the 12" newt - what I was missing last time I realised. I got all three cameras on with phd and two copies of apt. Then managed to align the centres on the first bright star of the night.

Then finally managed to align the 12" newt on target by using the 80ed and DSLR and plate solving. The main thing being the 12" was where it should be finally.

I also mounted, wired and tested my diy camera cooler on the 12" and asi178mm - worked great.I

Easier to get on a target and phd worked well as usual. Ready to add full goto next.

I'm still not happy with my mirrors and think I need a new secondary - finally got to measuring it and it's only - 63mm on minor axis. It was a second hand dob and seen much better days. Also need to reposition focuser in as its miles out on tube and then i may start using all of primary.

Years of upgrades to go...

IMG_20220619_192911 - Copy.jpg

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A few clear nights for a change - Wisconsin. I was doing my time lapse shots last night, 06 26 into 06 27AM and I found something I've never seen before. I wondered if someone can help. Time was Aprox. 00:46 2022 06 27 until 01:12 which is a really long time for something to pass through the sky. For example, an airplane takes around a minute and satellites usually shorter. Reflection and meteorites are one frame (20 seconds) or maybe cross into two depending on when the shutter is in the cycle.


Look at about 1 o'clock above Polaris. That streak took 1 1/2 hours? Traveling from NW to SE




Here's a cropped version.




What takes that long and doesn't go along with the Earth's rotation?


Red or purple dots are just hot pixels on the sensor, that's why they don't change position.

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