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M27 - Dumbbell Nebula


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Approx. 2 hours of RGB captured with the LPRO-Max Filter, with a further 1.5 hours of RGB captured with the AA Triband filter. RGB processed with Astro Pixel Processor, then Ha and Oiii extracted using APP and recombined with LPro RGB data. One version processed using RGBHOO palette and the other RGBHSO palette.



Altair Astro 72EDF (f/6)

AA Lightwave x1.0 flattener

AA IMX183C PROTEC Hypercam

AA #LPROMAX light pollution suppression filter

AA #TRIBAND filter

AA 50mm Guider with AA GPCAM2 130M

iOptron CEM25P mount and iPolar alignment camera

AA Portable Pier

Pegasus Pocket Power Box



SharpCap 3.3Pro Beta

PHD2 Guiding



All lights captured at unity gain (398)

Black Level = 24

TEC Temp = -10°C


58x 120sec using LPRO-MAX Filter

60x Flats (LPro)

40x Darks

60x Dk Flats


30x 180sec using TRIBAND Filter

60x Flats (triband)

45x Darks

60x Dk Flats



Astro Pixel Processor 1.080

PixInsight 1.8.8-6 Ripley

Photoshop 2020




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