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Elephant Trunk in SHORGB

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This is my first real planned capture of both Narrowband nebula and Broadband stars. Previous attempts have really just been done with data already captured, rather than specifically capturing star data in RGB.


I spend roughly an hour last night capturing ET with the L-pro filter. Unfortunately, the camera had been moved since the last session (as I was framing a different target) but I figured that registering the new star capture against the original SHO (or HOO) image should give me something workable.


Having integrated and done some initial processing on the RGB Elephant Trunk image, I then registered it against the SHO ET image and saved copies of both register files in a project folder.


These images were then processed with starnet++ and the starless version of the SHO image was combined with the RGB star layer (created as apply image against its own starless version) using Linear Dodge (add) blending in Photoshop.


Probably doesn't warrant the effort in some folks opinion but it was a useful exercise for me and I like the results.


Planning on doing the same for the HOO version.


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35 minutes ago, Sonyme said:

For what it's worth, I think the balance between the stars in this image and the nebulosity is great. Lot's of interesting detail too.   Gary

Thanks Gary, it's such a subjective thing, always difficult to decide if it's too much or not enough. 🙂 

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