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New Member....... Brutie calling ;-)

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Hello everyone ! This is Brutie calling. I was a member of Astronomy Shed for some years but I see it is (sadly) winding down. But I also read that many of the ex Shedders have signed up here, so I know that it will be a friendly place to hang out.


I'm just  a stuffed teddy bear dog in North Wales , with a hume companion named Vic. I designed an obsy for Vic to build a few years ago and I must say he did a decent job. It's not been used much of late due to other pressures on time but I'm keen to re start the hobby this summer. We have  a 10 inch newtonian on an HEQPro mount .  When last used we were learning how to use EQMOD. Better get a refresher now though. I'm looking forward to catching up woth old friends and new ones too.


Best wishes to all 🙂









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Welcome Brutie, we don't bite🙂!

On 6/12/2022 at 7:22 PM, Carastro said:

Hi Brutie, another Shedder here too, welcome to the Yard. 

That's a pretty big scope for an HEQ5.



Its tricky and you have to set your expectations but It can be done. That's how I imaged for several years with my DSLR - results I was happy with for a long time. 

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