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Just pleased I got on it...


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There was no way at the time I was going to put this up (taken end of march) but thought its something different and still amazed I got on it (M81)...

It is not cropped and I dont have goto.

I did use plate solving and manual joystick to eventually get on it.

Its taken with the 11.5" newt and ASI178mm (9mm diagonal).

Sadly after ages getting on it I attempted lots of very short exposures (lucky imaging - not so lucky) - just wish I'd done longer exposures and I think it would have come out great - next time.



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An amazing effort without GOTO, oin the whole it's a pretty good result.   I hope you don;t mind but I did a bit of horizontal banding reduction/noise reduction and curves in Photoshop to try to improve the noise for you.


Only slightly better. 



BYA M81.png

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Greatly appreciated thanks Carole.

Definite improvement.

I really need to get goto written in now that I've got plate solving working.

With such a bucket it's just a sea of stars to try and star hop and takes ages.

Can't wait to do this and other galaxies justice - up close.

Never used to be into galaxies but finally finding what this rig was meant for.


M81 and M82 are a favourite of mine as years ago at public viewing evenings I used to be able to find them straight away in my 4" SW ach and show people on my simple ra clock driven eq3/2 - was great.

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