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Hello! I'm from Western Colorado!

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Hey Everyone! I'm from Western Colorado and just started observing using an 8" Skyline Reflector with Dobsonian mount. Last night was my first night using it and was able to find the Ring Nebula! Really Faint and small with my setup but one day I'll have the equipment necessary to make it shine! Any tips will be welcome!

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41 minutes ago, MightyMethodz said:

If things clear up tonight,  I'll give m27 a shot. Look like rain all week


Might be better weather for me today (Saturday). I'm in the West Midlands (Worcestershire). The Summer Triangle is full of interesting objects, double stars, open clusters, nebulae etc. There are a lot of objects to the south west of it as well. Including the Wild Duck cluster, Tweedledee & Tweedledum clusters, and the Summer Beehive. 




Might be worth downloading Stellarium or SkyPortal if you already haven't. 

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