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July 2022 - Anyone playing tonight?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Trying out the new DeepSkyDad focuser on the DayStar Ha solar telescope. Screen grabs straight from Sharpcap




Which is on the same rig as the white light WO ZS73 telescope capturing simultaneously.



Lots of activity on the disk at the moment white light below













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Glad the dad focused finally arrived - nice images and glad someone's having some luck.


I thought I was starting to enjoy my newt rig again. Just fitted new secondary and collimated or at least thought I had done a good job yesterday. Stars came out tonight, mount was working well, but really sick as nothing's sharp at best focus and lovely clear night. Went high up to m13 and got straight onto it all nicely framed and centred, beautiful cluster taking up most of frame. Really getting sick... I know why so many like refractors...

My asi120mm mini guide camera stopped working with phd2 but was fine with sharpcap..., and my asi178mm looked more in focus in sharpcap but when I went to apt it looked worse. Software shouldn't have any effect on focus??? Still no where near where I want it to be...very frustrated...need to read up on star testing etc...

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The 14th and it's actually raining here today! A pretty rare site for Las Vegas these days. 

I can remember 22 years ago when we first moved here, from New Orleans, LA, and I was at work one day and everybody was raving about the fact that it was raining outside. They all left their desks to go outside and watch it. Coming from New Orleans where it rained 9 or 10 days a week, I literally thought these people were crazy!  

Now I totally get it. I was just standing outside marveling at the rain.


But getting to the point of the post... We have a little astro trip planned for this upcoming new moon cycle and I just made some adjustments to my OAG that I hope to troubleshoot in the next few days, maybe even tonight if this weather clears.

I lowered it down a bit. Before, I was getting absolutely zero mirror shadow in my main scope but the top 20% or so of the mirror was blocked and not getting light to the guidescope. I'm hoping my adjustment gives me a bit more coverage in PHD without a shadow on the main scope.

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