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FYI, I finally got a chance to put an image from my 11.5" F4.5 newt and 9mm diagonal camera in - yes pretty small fov. As I thought, it didn't solve it (used via apt). I then found the wizard in the asps software which asked me to upload the image to astrometry website and it solved it in an instant - amazing. I then started thinking how can I use the online one... However as I've never known the precise focal length I was able to see it wasn't 1331mm but 1306mm - quite a difference (nice though). After updating the focal length I thought I may as well repeat again via apt, however thought if it did it would take an age (no cloud behind this little atom) I was astonished. It solved it in less than 15 seconds. Far faster than it solves my ed80 and dslr - amazed.

So heres my suggestion to all users of asps if you haven't already - try uploading an image and use the online to check your focal length? I'm no expert but wondering if a small correction may make a valuable difference in solving time.

If this continues then I won't need my ed80 and dslr stuck on the side - for plate solving and goto anyway....

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