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Kelling heath 2020

Andy 274

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I'm going, Pitch T311

Skies are not looking hopeful, normally love meeting people and chatting, but that is also going to be curtailed this year, so not really much to look forward to, just going in the hope that the forecast might change.


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My wife and I will be there, but have booked one of the Nightjars for the week from Saturday 17th and no pitch. I was going to bring a portable SA rig, plus my 22x85s on a parallelogram mount and grab some space on someone elses pitch, but as sharing, is a no no I'll probably not bring anything. Will take a stroll around the site to catch up with folks, but as Carole says, the CV restrictions are rightly going to make socialising a somewhat challenging.

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Fantastic weekend at kelling with Andy and Steve, as always, even if it was a bit subdued due to restrictions. Still managed to have some great laughs and see some clear sky. Only managed to image one night out of the three but still well worth the trip. Good making new friends also, pleasure meeting Nick and Dave from Altair and sharing a few socially distanced drinks around the cameras and laptops one evening. Thanks Dave for pushing the quad band filter into my camera and letting me have a go with it, simply had to buy one for myself the very next day as the result blew me away..... all in all a great weekend, can’t wait for the next visit cheers guys.


I have attached the image I took with the new quad band filter, 500d, 28mm lens and Ioptron star tracker .... 10 x 2.5mins..... unfortunately I had the lens wide open and not stopped down any so stars aren’t perfect but a good start image with that filter.

not sure how the image will show on here as I had to shrink it down so I could attach it ... 

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I can't see me ever getting to Kelling Heath - it far to far away from here.  There's a possibility that I might get to a star party near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds next autumn depending on the dreaded Covid.

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