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One of my favourite craters, Plato, with my Altair GPCAM 385C

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Plato is one of my favourite craters, and when the seeing is steady, there's so much to see.


It's about 100km in diameter, and the rim is higher than it looks reaching about 1500 metres above the crater floor, which is quite smooth, once a sea of molten lava, now basalt.


Most agree that the impact occurred about 3.75 billion years ago, which happens to be just as microbial life appeared on earth.


I caught a prominent rille on the upper right, and I like this part of the lunar day, because of the way the scenery just falls off into space.


Every now and then I process stuff to free up my hard drive. Holidays next week, so hope to catch up more. 




Imaged with my Altair GPCAM 385C

1250 frames stacked in AS2, Wavelets in Registax and monitor calibration in Photoshop.

Altair 10" Cassegrain

Altair Flat Field APO Barlow

CEM120 Mount

Altair Pier and observatory


Wishing you all well from Norfolk, UK!


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