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Melotte 15 in SHO

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Found myself needing to keep occupied after waking at 2:00 with residual limb pain (a bit like banging your funny bone every two minutes, if your funny bone happened to be in your left hip socket).

These occurrences gradually fade away after about 5 or six hours and I have found that sitting up and doing some Astro-processing is a good way to distract myself….so here’s the product of tonight (this morning’s) little session! 


Captured with Skywatcher 80ED, l-eNhance, ASI294 mc pro and ASIair controlling it all. 


Integrated as SHO (with false SII) using Astro Pixel Pocessor and processed with starnet++ and Photoshop CC. 

Another hour and I may actually be able to go back to bed! 😊






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