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What camera/lenses would you recommend to get started with?

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2 hours ago, Neverstoplookingup said:

Hi All 


I am a total beginner when it comes to Astrophotography so have no idea where to start lol ?


I currently have a Orion - 90mm Diameter/1250mm Focal Length telescope. Would i need a camera mount etc ?


Any help would be much appreciated thank you 🙂


I'm not sure what scope you have. Although, from your description I'm assuming it's this:




These 90mm, f/13.8 Synta-made Mak's are great little lunar/planetary scopes.




I don't know anything about AP but Mak's are apparently a bit slow (long focal ratio) for astrophotography. It wouldn't stop you mounting something like a phone camera on it though. I know people who get pretty good results doing something similar (don't mention the metal cut-out cat in the first picture ROTFL). 




If you acquire a T-thread Barlow the Barlow element can be threaded off.




This can be placed in the diagonal as a sort of extension tube. A camera can be attached to the T-thread. I believe the T-thread was originally developed by Nikon in Japan way back in the 50's. It has become pretty standard for a lot of astronomical equipment.

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To start in astrophotography id not recommend you get a scope. Id have started with the 2nd hand market - (which is generally excellent) some old fixed prime lenses, a modded DSLR & a tracking mount. This will teach you the fundamentals of setup, polar alignment & image capture which is transferable to scopes.

As youve got a scope then id just go for a 2nd hand modded DSLR to begin with

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