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On a Hot Summer Night - First light with New Rig - Cygnus Loop and N.American Nebula

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Been a while since I posted, , had a few months away from astro imaging - been rather busy selling astro gear and building a new imaging rig. Ive been 'collecting' the bits since last Christmas.


I was looking for something a bit more portable so I could attend astro parties and go to dark sites around the country. So in summary I have a Stellamira 90ED Triplet plus the matched FF/FR with my ASI2600MC. I also bought a 50mm William Optics 50mm guider and ASI290MM. I have also gone down the ASIair route  embracing the ZWO ecosystem if it makes it easier when working away from the observatory. Ive got some shorter cables and an camera mounted cable tidy, so hopefully will clean up the cable runs.



I am impressed how it all just works with ASIair and links via WiFi to an Android tablet  - it would appear I've started using ASIair just as a major software update was released that includes a skymap/goto module - certainly simpler than having to plan everything in Telescopius and download the plan to the ASIair

Focal Length 432mm
Focal Ratio: 4.8
Resolution: 1.8"x1.8" per pixel
Field of View: 3.12° x 2.08°

So these are two images below are mainly still fine tuning how everything works and F/FR spacing - so a couple of  very recognisable summer targets with 1 -1.5hrs of 5 minute subs  using L-Extreme. Still have some eggy stars that may be spacing or some tilt on the sensor - fine tuning... Camera did well cooling down to 0degC from air temp of 26degC.


Thanks for looking and good to get back imaging and re-visiting a couple of classics.


Cygnus Loop featuring Witches Broom and Pickerings Triangle

1.5hr of 300s subs with L-Extreme



NGC7000, North American Nebula featuring the Cygnus Wall,
1.5hrs of 300s subs with L-Extreme.
Processed as synthetic hubble pallete using Lukomatico technique.

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