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The Pleiades and The California Nebula.


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I recently purchased a Samyang 135mm f2 lens as I fancied a change from the very narrow field of my 12" RC. The lens in combination with the large chip of the QHY11 gives a very wide field of view and the ease with which guide stars can be found through a dedicated guide scope rather than an OAG has allowed me to venture into mosaics. This is a three panel mosaic of The Pleiades and The California nebula demonstrating the stark contrast of the blue reflection nebula surrounding The Pleiades and the strong red emission lines of the California nebula. 

This was 3x10 min binned 1x1 Ha and OIII for each panel. Calibrated and merged in PixInsight with some final processing performed in Affinity.

Click on the link and then the image for a large format version.




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Posted by: @stub-mandrel

That's really nice.

I have an old but very good Zeiss Sonnar 135mm that has taken some nice pics with my DSLR and I must make an adaptor to use it with my ASI1600MM.

Cheers Neil. I had to build a number of adapters for both sides of the the FW - the lens and the camera sides - to get the lens to chip distance down to what's required for this lens. A lot of work but beginning to pay off. 

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