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NGC 281 - Pacman Nebula

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Thanks all.


Re: the SHO palette from an OSC using l-eNhance flter the workflow is roughly as follows....


Use Astro Pixel Processor three times to integrate three seperate channels - *you need to do a Clear and change its extraction algorithm in Options before loading any lights, this is important:


  • Ha-OIII Extract Ha  - Ha Channel
  • Ha-OIII Extract OIII  - OIII Channel
  • Ha-OIII Mono - (false) SII Channel

After each Integration, run the Tools - Light Pollution Reduction and save the adjusted channel image.


Then run Analyse Stars and Register against the three cleaned up Channel images, saving them as Registered versions.


Use Combine RGB with SHO 1 option to combine the SII, Ha and OIII registered images.

Run again with the SHO2 option.

Play with the settings in this Tool to get the desired SHO image (which will be very green)


Save as your combined SHO fit file.

Save Fits file as a 16 bit Tiff file.


Use Photoshop to do inital cleanup of Tiff file (using Camera Raw Filter)


Use starnet++ to create Starless version of Starry SHO Tiff file.


Import Starry and Starless Tiff files into Photoshop.


Make Starry image active.


Use Apply image (against the Starless file) using Subtract to create a Starlayer Tiff file.

On Starlayer file, reduce size, brightness, contrast and saturation of the stars to your own preference then Ctrl-A Ctrl-C to select them all.


Make Starless image active.

Save as new "SHO image" file.


Duplicate Background layer.


Ctrl-V the Starlayer copy into this image as a new Layer.

Change Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and unclick the layer for now while you work on the nebulosity.


Make nebulosity layer active.

Use Selective Color 4 times to adjust Greens, Yellows, Cyan (1), Cyan (2)


Repeat Selective Color adjustment if preferred.


(Optional) copy paste Green Green Channel from original image as Luminance.


Adjust Brightness/Contrast and saturation of Nebulosity layer to preference.


Make Starlayer active and Stamp Data to merge.


Sharpen/Cleanup as preferred before flattening and saving as SHO image.


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