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In a haze of Hydrogen, M57 Ultra Deep field

peter shah

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In a haze of Hydrogen, M57 Ultra deep field showing it's layers of extended shell and background. Imaged remotely from Spain with the 12inch ASA Newtonian and ASI2600MM pro. Exposure times were 2hrs in RGB all 60s subs, 6hrs of OIII, 180s subs, and 23 and a half hrs of H-alpha all 180s subs.


Its worth zooming in to see the layers in the shell, I was quite surprised at the colour pallet that the OIII and Ha gave. Trying to pull out core detail in this is generally difficult on M57 due to its apparent size  even more so on such wide field so rather than just do the ring itself I set out to see if there was any background H-alpha....


A comparison from my very first CCD image taken with a borrowed Meade LX 2180 from the Birmingham Astronomical Society and my very first CCD camera  MX5 from nearly 30years ago....How things have moved on!!!!


Thanks for looking
Peter Shah

M57 with extended Ha Comparison.jpg

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Thank you both....it was a bit of a gamble to spend 35 hours on M57 that in this scope is only a hand full of pixels across, but I think it was worth it. 

7 hours ago, Bob-c said:

A fascinating image Peter.




10 hours ago, TerryMcK said:



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