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Observing-Imaging on Friday 5th August.


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Well it was a pleasant evening on Friday-Saturday 5/6- was.


I've not been active on here very much. Mostly because of the weather and work. But also a sad lack of general enthusiasm.

But with the return to darker skies (despite LP) I was finally able to get my buzz back and do what I enjoy. Digital astro-imaging.


Last night was very good. The skies were clear, and washed clean from the rain and I was able to image NGC7000 for three hours without any breaks, or guiding errors.

I was using my William Optics Z61 together with my astro-moded Canon EOS600D and a OPtolong l-enhance EOS clip filter. I have an excellent mount. A Losmandy G11 with upgraded Gemini 2. I use PHD2 and APT V4.01. Plate solving is a game changer. I use APT-Point craft, which is  so far so good. Brilliant, for Plate Solving.


The skies were I live, and I guess the majority of most of the UK members has it's fair share of light pollution. Sadly this is worse, now that we have LED lighting. But I did manage to see just a very faint hint of the Milky Way overhead through Cygnus. I have a Bortle Class 5 sky. Which makes visual observing tricky. This is one reason why I concentrate on Astro-imaging from home.


Thankfully those nice folks at OPtolong have made digital imaging possible with the high quality filters that cut through the light glow.


Naked eye wise, last night.


I saw Jupiter and Saturn, and then Mars. I also saw the Pleaides star cluster at 01:30. The cluster was just visible above a small tree.

It was interesting to note. That whilst the Summer season is still here. In the skies. We are headed towards Autumn and then Winter once again.


Last night was relaxing and very enjoyable. Fingers crossed tonight is just as good...

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