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M33 The Triangulum Galaxy

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3.5 hours worth of 120s subs last night. 


Had to crop due to a smudge on the L-Pro filter that I’ll need to sort out but all in all I’m really pleased with the capture. 

The mount seems to be very happy guiding at <.4” consistently at the moment. Only captured 2 hours worth at first but when I checked at 1:30ish, all was good still, so I kicked another capture off and went back to sleep. Got up at 4:30 to put the scope to bed. 

May have a play with combining this with the RGB and Ha data I captured last year with the Redcat 51. 

SW 80ED Pro

l-pro filter

ASI294mc pro


ASIair pro






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2 hours ago, timastrovirus said:

Nice start, but could use a tiny bit more saturation I think. Looking forward what the added RGB and Ha data will bring.

Yes, it is a little ‘anaemic on here I think but I didn’t want to push the saturation as I’m not a fan of pushing the colours in general.


I did run Colour calibration on the stars in APP and then pushed the star saturation but not the galaxy. It’s all pretty subjective I suppose. 


Will have a go at adding the Ha data captured with the Redcat but that will mean reducing the scale a bit I suppose. 


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Added 3 hours of Ha-Oiii capture as Luminosity at 30% and pushed the saturation through Match Color.


Also, less aggressive stretching to start with (in order to retain star colour data).


Cleaned up a wee bit with HLVG and Astro Flat Pro.





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