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Part of the Veil Nebula Complex; NGC6960

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Last week I imaged part of the Veil Nebula complex, NGC6960 to be precise. In total 9 hours 30 min of data (190 x 3 min subs, gain 565, offset 25, TEC 0°C), Callibrated with 50 darks/50 flats/50 bias. Preprocessing in DSS4.2.6, Postprocessing in PixInsight using: Dynamic Crop, Linear Fit, Dynamic Background Extraction, ATrous Wavelets Noise Reduction, Deconvolution, Histogram Stretch, Masked Stretch and LRGB Combination.
Skywatcher BK200P Newton / Baader MPCC mkII
NEQ6 / CdC / EQmod
QHY5 / 8x50 Finderguider / PHD2
Altair Astro 269C PRO TEC Hypercam / CCDciel
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