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Old fave to start the season, North America Nebula.


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2 hours ago, peter shah said:

super result David.....love the colour

Thanks Peter,

I've always aspired to try and achieve your star colour in your images (some way to go yet 😉).


I think having access to dark skies and therefore having only a UV cut filter is a massive step in the right direction.

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Managed another 3.5 hours on this little project, this time from a darker location but plagued by a strong breeze and eventually a last quarter moon.


Very hard to process in the same way as the first rendition, but I did note that it was much more forgiving when stretching and saturating, virtually no noise and a smoooooth image is the result.


I think some of the dark areas are more interesting to look at and star colour is deeper.


So my personal verdict that there were significant gains in doubling the data, I will give it another bash next opportunity till the improvement stops.



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This is another 3.5 hours of data but I went through all 3 sessions of data and binned any that weren't perfect so ended up with 7.5 hours of data (225 x 2' subs) out of the original 10 hours, certainly the most I've had on one target.


I'm struggling to see any great difference from image number 2 despite several processes to do so. Processing them the same is not easy at all.


So I'm going to call it a day on this, and my conclusion is that there's probably no great value in going over 10 hours of data, certainly for my particular setup/skies/processing skills.     


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