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At long last I built a POD Zenith Table (PZT)


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I have had my Skyshed POD for nearly 8 years now and when it came to imaging near the zenith I had adopted a rather precarious method of tilting the dome off its rails and balance the entire stucture on my shed. This had a few incid809420477_20210721_092934409_iOS(2).png.3c1feff8388cdb29547da2c41a0aec96.pngents when the dome fell down between obsy and shed and took a bit of an effort to get the dome back on the POD... @Carastro was quite shocked when she saw the dome at this alarming angle - so as you can see Carole I've got a PZT - I ldid look your website to see how you had constructed yours as well btw, before I decide to build the standard  shaped PZT.


Last week I contacted Wayne and he sent me the instructions to make the table - so yesterday I made one and using some fences posts and off cuts from a deck I built several years ago built the supports for the PZT - it works, I was out imaging at 3am on Elephant trunk which is almost overhead at that time of night.

So I still have to treat the wood and not sure if I will fit the additional 'side lobes'  - I also need to source some PTFE blocks to help slide the dome on and off more easily - but I am happy with the PZT and as it is at the back of the dome its not really visible from the rest of the garden..


Oh - and if anybody is wondering why there is a purple penny board in the image - I used it to wheel the large plywood sheets from front drive where the delivery driver  put them - they are heavy !!!






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That seems eminently safer Bryan.  


Unfortunately I was unable to do the conventional PZT because my POD is located in a corner, between next door's fence and my shed, so width and access to screwing up the bolts was a problem without removing next door's fence, so had no choice but to do it the way I have.


Glad if I gave you the shove.



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