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First light - IC1396 Elephant Trunk - ASI2600MM Pro and Antlia 3nm Ha


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I was going to wait until I had a full narrowband image to present, but I processed the 6hrs of 3nm Ha this evening and well its just such a huge step up from the ASi1600MM.


This image is 6hrs of 300s subs, integrated with darks, flats and dark_flats, in Astro Pixel Processor . I used Pixinsight to process starting with ezDeconv then used GHS to stretch followed by local histogram equalisation then some smaller adjustments with Curves -  I used very little NoiseXTerminator - I just applied it to see at 30% and it did make a marginal improvement (the new Russel Croman tool)


The detail is what made most impact on me, hope you like mono...




PS - if you saw my other post in Observatories this afternoon - this image was only made possible as I bult a PZT for my Skyshed POD so I can image near the zenith.




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36 minutes ago, Galileo said:

look forward to seeing the combined image. 

could be a while as I’m thinking deep on this target - so the clear nights this week I want to get another few hours of Ha and then go for Sii, it’s full moon by Friday but it’s really low this time of year and as usual Oiii will be the long wait - I’m thinking a 30hr image - 10hrs per channel - that’s a big challenge but I got 24hrs on narrowband horsehead starting Nov last year and finished January this. 


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