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Cocoon Nebula, RGB

Padraic M

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C16 the Cocoon Nebula taken last night. 3 hours of exposure, using my new ASI533MC Pro and the 150 PDS. This was the first time trying the new camera in Bortle 2 and the skies have been exceptionally clear this week. Hopefully that continues!


Lots of stars so version 2 of processing may involve some star reduction. I'd like to make the cloudy tails more prominent.



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12 hours ago, timastrovirus said:

Great image sofar, but looking forward to the reprocessing, as with B2 skies, I suspect there is a lot more in the data then currently showing. Never the less a very appealing image.

Thanks @timastrovirus I bet you're right - I didn't spend much time processing (APP for stacking and Siril for processing btw). I hope to double the data tomorrow night and reprocess, taking the stars back a lot. There's lots of nebulosity to come out yet.

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5 hours ago, Galileo said:

very accomplished image sir, where are you that's Bortle 2?

South Kerry, west coast of Ireland. We're in an International Dark Sky reserve. Normal conditions are cloudy and wet but we're having a super week this week. Clear and still skies over last weekend, remaining clear but a little less transparent tonight with some atmospheric turbulence. Possibly heat haze from the ground or lake in front of us.

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