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I might attempt re-entry :D

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It is great to make it onto BYAS, thank you to @Carastro for the kind invitation!


I began my journeys with astro around 2011 and it was so much fun.  The old sleep deprivation vs. work conundrum made me take a break.  Now I am considering upgrading the tech side of how I go about things.  When I have tried to press my 10-yr old kit into service, something generally fails.  The old Dell laptops that used to stay out in the garden are relics!


Hoping to get plenty of pointers from you good people about how to improve my signal (pleasing astro images) to noise (wasted clear sky frustrations) ratio!


The other factor is that whilst I still live in Birmingham, I have more time down in West Wales with its delightfully clear skies 😄 Rude not to!


Whilst away from deep-sky imaging, I have kept my hand in with some wide-field work combined with wild-camping.


Really looking forward to being an active member of this august group! 🙏

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Hi Pete 

Great to see you on here and to know that you are getting back into imaging.  

Things have moved on somewhat over recent years with the advent of CMOS cameras but l am still continuing with my CCD cameras which serve me well.  

Looking forward to seeimg you re-progress. 

You’ll find quite a few of the Shed members that you already know on here. 


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