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Pickering's Triangle NGC6979

peter shah

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Pickering's Triangle NGC6979 part of the Veil complex in Cygnus. Imaged remotely in Spain with the 12in ASA and ASI2600MM Pro. Exposure times were 24x120s each in RGB,  30x 300s in O3 and 30x 120s in Ha. Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Worth taking a looking at the full res there are some lovely areas in this object.


Thanks for looking
Peter Shah




Pickerings Triangle NGC6979 2.0.jpg

Pickerings Triangle NGC6979 Crop 1.jpg

Pickerings Triangle NGC6979 Crop 2.jpg

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12 hours ago, Carastro said:

You’ve inspired me to have another attempt at this target? But think l will wait fir a darker sky than where l live. 


That's great Carole....it's been years since I imaged the Veil, I'm glad I went back to it.  I think I will be imaging a few other sections again.

11 hours ago, Padraic M said:


Thank you

2 hours ago, Galileo said:

incredibly detailed, could look into it for ages.

Thank you David.....don't look too close...for some reason the compression on the web shows more noise than the original....not sure why that is

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