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Tulip nebula and surrounds


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Continuing to try to get my head around mono imaging and processing. I found this a real pig to process and this is about my fourth go at it. The pixinsight integration was just not great so this was re-stacked in APP which gave a better result. I suspect there is simply not enough integration, especially in the Oiii. The result being that it is noisy and "lumpy" when you zoom in and I'm not that happy with it. But, a little bit more experience with mono so not an entirely wasted effort.

So this is 2hrs Ha , 1Hr 15 mins each with Sii and Oiii, QHY 163 m ZWO 7nm filters, Sharpstar 61 EDPHii. I think with double or triple the integration it may be coming good.

As always, C&C and advice on capture or processing would be appreciated.


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