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Tulip widefield reworked


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After getting some suggestions from other imagers, i went back and boosted the saturation and contrast and did another very light noise reduction. It changes the whole feel of the image I think and I do prefer the new version.




Previous darker version for comparison



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50 minutes ago, Carastro said:

Wow, even better.  I could not get any Oiii to show in the tulip, but I am imaging from Bortle 8 skies.  following your previous post I went back and reprocessed mine and really glad I did, will post it up.



Thanks carol. The Oiii was very faint and I am in Bortle 4. Trying to get it showing is part of why it got so noisy and lumpy I think. (Remember this is only my second mono SHO image so I dont really know what I'm doing  🙂)

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