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Tulip Nebula widefield reprocess


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I originally imaged this in June 2021 from home Bortle 8.  Was never happy with my original process (and below you can see why).  Then after seeing DMack's fine result earlier, it inspired me to go back and have another go at it, and much happier with it now, so thanks for the nudge DMack.


Original details:

Ha 20 x 600secs on Left and 43 x 600secs on the right. Baader 7.5nm
Oiii 16 x 300 binned x 2
Sii 13 x 300 binned x 2
Atik460EX and Atik428EX with Samyang 135mm F2 lens @ f2.8

Total imaging time 9h 35m  (Imaged June 2021)


Original rubbish process:



New process done today:



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42 minutes ago, Dmack1 said:

Thats really nice. The even wider field works well. Do you know what the orange patch of nebulosity about 3/4s the way up close to the left side is. I've had a poke around Stellarium but can work it out.

I looked on Astrobin - not at my image as it didn;t plate solve it on mine, but on other people's and it is an emission Nebula Sh2-104. 



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