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The Crescent and the Soap Bubble

peter shah

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The Crescent and the Soap Bubble in Cygnus. I imaged this one in RGB H-alpha and Oxygen III remotely from Spain with the AG14 Newtonian and the FLI Kepler 4040 CMOS. Exposure times were 60s x 60 each in RGB, 180s x 120 in Ha, 227 x 180s in OIII,  giving a total integration time of just over 21 hours. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop.

I love the faint wisps of OIII around 34 Cyg near the bottom of the frame.

Thanks for looking

Peter Shah😃

Cresent and the Soap bubble composite.jpg

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On 8/28/2022 at 6:02 PM, P Holdsworth said:

Very nice Peter. Love the soap bubble !


thanks....Its one of those that I keep meaning to do....and finally did!


5 hours ago, Sonyme said:

Seeing them both in one image, stunning. The magnification of the bubble really highlights the quality of this image. Beautiful as always Peter.       Gary

Thank you Gary....I thought the bubble could be easily missed witch is why I though necessary to do a zoomed window.

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