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Fireworks Galaxy (NGC6946) LRGB - 30 Aug 2022


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After seing @Greg M and @peter shah versions, I decided that it was long overdue for me to have my first attempt at this target. I was intending to capture more data including some Ha, but I also want to derig the QSI camera from the C14, to release that for planetary imaging over the coming months (having already missed Saturn's opposition this year), so this is from a single night's session, comprising approx 1h each RGB in 5 min subs and 1.5h L in 10 min subs.




This target proved to be quite challenging to process with so many huge bright stars in the foreground. I kept the background level quite high on my original versions to try and preserve the fainter tendrils and any lurking IFN, but I think that's really where more data would be required, hence I lowered the black point for a darker background in this final version.

Thanks for looking.

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