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LBN251 (from SE London)


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Been meaning to image this for some time.  It is often imaged in with the Butterfly Nebula etc but rarely imaged on it's own.

Taken over two nights from SE London - Bortle 8, bit of a Pain for me being near the Zenith as I have to keep taking the dome off being a POD and it is no mean feat.

Atik460EX, Skywatcher ED120 + FR x 0.8
Ha 26 x 600
Oiii 11 x 300 binned
Sii  12 x 300 binned

Total imaging time 5h 50mins taken over two nights.



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37 minutes ago, Sonyme said:

Great colours Carole. I've never seen this imaged on it's own and it's lovely.  Is the pink tinge to the stars a product of the processing? Gary

I thought I had removed the pink tinge to the stars, if there is any left then it is probably due to me trying to get the dark red in the nebulosity.



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2 hours ago, Sonyme said:

Hi Carole, What I know about these things you can write on the back of a postage stamp so forgive this comment if it sounds stupid. Is it possible to remove the stars and add them back in after processing?     Gary

Not a stupid question at all.  A lot of people do that as the stars have a tendency to overwhelm the Nebula. 


Because I don't use up to date software and computers the software that does that is not compatible with what I have and so I can't use it.  But to be honest, sometimes I think this goes too far and has a tendency to over smooth the Nebula, sometimes even blurring the features.  Other software that I do have for removing stars only works on a mono image and leaves little holes where the stars used to be. Also some people replace so few stars afterwards it looks quite false to me. 


 So I tend not to do this, but I do have other methods of reducing the number of stars or the star sizes, sometimes this works well sometimes not.   In this image I was using Baader Ultranarrowband filters which create small stars anyway, so I had little to do to the stars in this image. 





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