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Galaxy Clusters


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Abell 2151 is a galaxy cluster in Hercules.  The full frame contains over 400 visible galaxies (I think!).  Nearly all of them look dull as dishwater, and you would never guess that they were galaxies at all without using a tool like ASTAP to identify them.

The fact that you can see 400 galaxies in a tiny portion of the sky using a 4 inch refractor helps to bring home the scale of the universe.



This highlighted area contains 115 galaxies:-


Here is a gif showing the 115 galaxies can just be seen in the box above:-


I think that you need to click on the gif to make it work.

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This is a bit of Abell 1356.  It's not a great image, but  there are loads of galaxies in a tiny portion of the sky.  To meet forum size limits I've cropped and scaled.  Click on the image for a Gif which reveals most of the galaxies.  There are at least 130 galaxis in this part of the image.  You have to look carefully at the blinking yellow circles to believe that they are actually visible.

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