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A long break but not too late late for the party


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I've had a long summer without imaging. I had been putting it off for a bit, I needed a change of routine and my family can only handle me with one obsession at a time (me too tbh)! 


I've discovered 3D printing is a tinkerers paradise and its almost as consuming. I get it and Fusion360 is now my friend. That can all be parked and used as an when I need it...


With all the dry weather over the summer it was a good time in late August to move my observatory 5 m from where it has been for the last 2 yrs. Basically a tent with a waterproof base (which I replaced) the move took a long afternoon. August 31st, I got the CEM70 re-installed and aligned and refitted the 250mm.


I was reminded just how sturdy the tri-pier is, with firm ground underneath there is no wobble at all as I refitted the 10kg counter weight. Even after the move and re-assembly the CEM70 mount had retained all of my fine tuning, guiding was excellent without any need for adjustment even though perhaps the balance wasn't as optimal this time around.


So I  got all the gear up and running and in the early hours yesterday managed a couple of hrs on M57. Everything worked flawlessly. Not so good was the missing 10.3mm from my back focus🤦‍♂️. Luckily M57 is small and the image will crop just fine😄.


I've learned my lesson and have bagged up all the spacers and adapters I need for the 135mm lens I was experimenting with. From now on I will leave the camera+spacer+filter wheel assembled and everything after the filter wheel will be zip-lock-bagged as a working set for each scope or lens I use. 



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Sounds like you have been a busy bee in any case, but welcome back to Astro.  


I have a feeling there is a sub forum for 3D printed stuff on here.


I know the feeling about losing spacers, I have nearly driven myself mad trying to find the spacing that worked previously and not being able to find the right spacers as I have 3 telescopes and a camera lens.


After that last debacle I decided I would never take the spacers and focal reducers apart again and so once I got the spacing right, I colour coded each focal reducer and it's spacers as to which telescope they went into, so I now have 3 focal reducers,  and the Samyang lens never gets removed from it's mounting including camera and EFW.


Not falling into that trap again!!!!



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I was getting that way mislaying spacers with my scopes too. So I bought a separate dedicated camera for each of my 4 scopes - over a period of time of course - no hols over the pandemic and no need to spend holiday money for "home improvements" as many people have this last couple of years. They are permanently fitted. That way no chance at getting the spacing wrong but costs a few bob!

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