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Pixinsight 3rd party script - SKILL Satellite Kill


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I've just come across a new script from Hartmut Bornemann which can be used to remove very wide, bright trails from raw monochrome subs, allowing you to keep an otherwise unusable sub. For OSC images, use the script on calibrated, debayered files.


I know that you can get rid of satellite trails in integration using the correct rejection algorithm, like Winsorized Sigma Clipping for instance, but it doesn't always work on thick trails or if you have a small number of subs. I tried out the script on an unprocessed mono sub containing an aeroplane which has passed in front of the scope leaving those characteristic 3 light trails



Essentially you plot line(s) as to the start and end of the satellite trail, add a reference image that doesn't have the trail on, give the line a thickness and click Apply



And magically the trails disappear. If you don't select a reference image it draws a black line.








All in all a very useful free script that you can get from http://www.skypixels.at/pixinsight_scripts.html

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the rejection method isn't always what removes it.  What needs to be enabled is High Large-Scale Structures (I leave as default of 2) HOWEVER it does add to the processing time.  I might give this script a go and compareimage.png.cfd6ff0dcf5ca598f98cd5c00b35aed3.png 

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