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Lynds Dark Nebula 1251


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I left this data rest for a week before starting processing it, which still was a challenge.

Lynds Dark Nebula 1251, part of the Cepheus Molecular Cloud.

Image data was aquired during the nights of 27/28-08-2022, 1/2-09-2022, 2/3-09-2022 en 3/4-09-2022.
The Sting Of The Scorpion Observatory [TSO]2, Bortle Class 5-6.
Total 26 hours and 45 minutes (535x180 sec), gain 565, offset 25, TEC 0°C
Altair Astro Hypercam 269C PROTEC / CCDciel
Skywatcher PDS200 / MPCC MkII
NEQ6 / EQmod / CdC
QHY5 / 9x50 Finderguider / PHD2
50 darks / 50 flats / 50 bias

Pre-processing DSS 4.2.6
Post-processing PixInsight; Dynamic Crop, Linear Fit, ATrous Wavelets Noise Reduction, Dynamic Backgroud Extraction, Histogram Transformation, HDR Multiscale Tranform, Curves Transformation, LRGB combine.



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It is a OSC camera indeed. Not sure if the cause lies in the flats, shouldn't there be issues in the other channels as well then?


The raw stack does have a severe gradient present, and it overlaps with most of the nebula, included the most faint parts, making it hard to remove properly without removinf true signal as well. Have a look at this STF of the raw stack to get an idea of what I am working with to start. Although I will definitely not rule out a flat issue as well, I still find it a struggle to get good flats, using twilight sky flats atm, which seem decent at least.



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Yes I agree the removal of the green gradient has improved the image. Have you tried the WBPP script to integrate the images/flats/darks/bias? I stopped using DSS years ago, first of all using AstroPixelProcessor instead and more recently WBPP in Pixinsight. I wouldn’t use anything else now. May give you better results and it is easy to use.

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