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"finder scope" for Orion SkyQuest XT6?

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Can someone suggest a better "finder scope" for my Orion SkyQuest XT6? It just has the one it came with that is just a little tube mounted on the top of the telescope; not very useful, unless I'm using it wrong.


Maybe this Celestron? Not sure it will be "compatible" with the Orion...?



Also, a good (but inexpensive) "moon filter"? I thought maybe this one from Amazon?




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Finder scopes are to some extent a personal choice.
Most though prefer a right angle finder on a newtonian scope as it makes for easy moves between finder and eyepiece.
You generally set the finder to be near the main scope eyepiece.


Your choices are 30mm and 50mm objective. I prefer 50mm.

Then do you want right angle with inverted view (like the main scope) or correct way up?
This where there is less agreement!
Some prefer a correct image to ease moving between sky and finder.
Others prefer inverted image to ease moving between finder and main scope.


I would advise buying a known brand (skywatcher is one example) from a specialist astronomy retailer.
There is some absolute junk on offer from other places.


HTH, David.

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I have a couple of 'Orion' RACI' (Right Angled Correct Image) finders. I think they are the same as the Sky-Watcher RACI's. Probably made in the same factory.




I don't have much experience with Dobsonian mounts. I do own a 150mm Newtonian which I use on an EQ5. Bear in mind that when using a right angled finder you're literally using it at a ninety degree angle. I've always found this isn't particularly easy for 'line of site' finding. Some people use a reflex (red dot) site in combination with an RACI. The reflex site gets you in the general target area, then you switch to the RACI. 

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