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IC1396 Elephant Trunk Re-Process Using : 2022-09-11 AIC Adam Block: Color Modifiers in Narrowband Images Talk


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I watched the Adam Block talk that was released on AIC channel earlier this week that really helped me understand the way 'dynamic' colour pallette mixes can be generated and why, if you have good data in all the Ha, Sii, Oiii channels then this processing technique maximises the captured detail from each channel.

 @TerryMcK posted up his Veil image and a more detailed summary of the processing flow ealier this week and after reading it and seeing the results, I decided to have a crack at using this technique on the narrowband data I captured in August on IC1396.

I will not lie, it took quite a lot of time and experimentation to get to this point as I used stretched images, Adam in his talk demo used linear images, so I had to experiment with the multipliers and the modifier images to avoid saturating various colour hues that generated a less than optimum result !!

Terry  - I used the HO_Modifier and HS_Modifier in this flow.....

I used the Dynamic_HOO mix stars I had processed previously.

Anyway its another way to present narrowband,


What do people think of this pallette ?





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