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Cover peir side Mini PC during winter sessions?


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I've set up a mini PC on my Todmorden PC which runs image acquisition software through my sessions. I bring it in when the scope etc is off and covered by a Telegizmos 365.


As autumn is coming in I am conscious that heavy dew is something I am going to have to contend with. And while we dont usually have extreme low temps out here -2 to -5 is not that unusual. But, I also dont want to hamper my wifi connection (I drive the mini-pc from inside over my wifi/internet connection using Anydesk)


So, my question is to anyone who leaves a mini pc out in our British Isles Conditions- or anyone more computer hardware savvy than me (which is probably everyone!) Do you cover the PC to protect from dew/low temps. How do you do it? When I left my laptop out overnight I used to stick a big plastic box over it but the mini PC hangs off the side of the pier to thats not an option now.


Bonus Question; is there a way to connect my laptop to the mini-pc wirelessly but locally i.e. without connecting via the internet? I get a little lag sometimes which though not a serious problem can be a bit annoying.





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I 3D printed a vented enclosure for my Intel NUC, all very neat and ergonomic. Then realised I only used a couple of cables to the NUC and it was relatively easy to just take it indoors at the end of a session. The NUC is mounted on a couple of 3D printed slide on female Vixen rail 'clamps' and just sits under gravity on the printed Vixen rail on the mount pillar. Sldes off in seconds. Has a 3D printed 'roof' to protect against dew when in use. 

Not answered your question but I think you are risking your mini-pc without some sort of background heat within whatever cover you use.

I use a wifi repeater in my conservatory which shortens the wifi path significantly compared to my main router. If you are looking to have the mini-pc and laptop on their own network then read up about access point networking. No good if you are using the internet for plate solving etc. You won't actually be going via the internet if your data is all on your own internal network?

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I use Raspberry Pi computers for data acquisition. They generate enough heat in the aluminium case to raise the temperature so dew isn't an issue. The aluminium case is actually the heatsink for the processor. 

On one of the scopes I keep everything, power supply, network switch as I use hardwired Ethernet rather than wireless and the computer itself in a large plastic storage box with vent/cable ingress holes in.


For my smaller mobile rig I just leave the PI affixed to the spreader plate with velcro. This again generates sufficient heat to negate any dew issues - just like a dew strap.

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