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The Cass/Ceph Border


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I wanted to come up with some clever title including wizrds and bubble and caves and things but it was too difficult. 😁

This was my first effort at a 2x2 mosaic - only ever done 2 panels before. I used the Photometric Mosaic Script in PI and must say i am very impressed with it. Unfortunately I'm not getting much Oiii out of it but I think thats the L-enhance and moonlight not playing nice.

Each panel is between 4 and 7 hours of 180s, through the 61 EDPH onto the ASI2600mc.

C&C very welcome



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Lots of interesting feature in this image. I admire your energy and commitment!


I'm trying mosaics for the first time this year, but concentrating on a 2 panel close-up (for me) in the heart nebula. It seems to be 4 times as hard as a regular imaging to get enough data. 

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Thanks Paul.


Yes i know what you mean about it seeming to take longer. The weather in our areas is just not conducive to getting the long stretches of capture needed.


I was really lucky and got 4 nights in a very short space of time (less than 10 days) but the conditions were different each night, moon and haze, which meant the SNR and gradients were quite different between the panels (L-enhance allows some moonlight leakage). But I used the PhotometricMosaic script in Pixinsight and it seems to have done a good job.

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