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IC 1396 Rainy Day Rework - Elephant's Trunk in SHO with RGB Stars


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Thought it worth having a go at this again but using some newly acquired techniques and tools.


I'm quite happy with this one apart from the purple dust bunny that stands out (to me anyway) in the upper left quadrant. Have tried removing it on Starless image with Clone Stamp or Healing but not to any satisfaction. Any alternative techniques (not requiring PI) would be appreciated 🙂 


Two separate capture sessions, one Narrowband using the l-eNhance, the other broadband for the stars, using the l-Pro.


SHO combined using RGB Combine in APP (using Ha-OIII Mono for SII, with Ha and OIII extracts)

registered against RGB Star image and both saved in APP

Starless version of SHO created

Strayer of RGB version created

Both versions processed in PS CC

Strayer merged in before final processing.


SW 80ED Pro
ASI294mc pro
EQ6-R Pro mount

ASIair Pro capture and guiding






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If you hadn't mentioned the purple blob I would never have noticed it 🙂 .


I use clone stamp for odd things like this at roughly these settings



Obviously you can change the radius size to suit and select somewhere close by the area being painted.

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10 minutes ago, Sonyme said:

A cracking image. Can't see a bunny.....I don't think.   The two bright stars above the trunk are an unusual shape. are they likely to be double stars or simply several stars following a similar line of sight?    Gary


They've been like that consistently in a few different captures if I remember rightly Gary. It's either a double or same line of sight.



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