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PixInsight Official video tutorial series


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The PixInsight Team over at Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight have announced the release of a new video tutorial series on their official YouTube channel: Introduction to PixInsight.




This series consists of 36 videos and is dedicated to describing the graphical interface of PixInsight and its practical use at beginner to intermediate levels, from the most basic concepts such as workspaces, image windows and views, to more complex topics such as masks, processing histories, projects, and more.

Here is the complete list of planned videos:

  1. Workspaces
  2. AutoHide Windows (I)
  3. AutoHide Windows (II)
  4. Image Windows
  6. ScreenTransferFunction (I)
  7. ScreenTransferFunction (II)
  8. ScreenTransferFunction (III)
  9. Masks
  10. Process Windows (I)
  11. Process Windows (II)
  12. Process Windows (III)
  13. Process Windows (IV)
  14. Dynamic Processes
  15. Previews
  16. View Selector Actions
  17. Process Icons (I)
  18. Process Icons (II)
  19. Processing History (I)
  20. Processing History (II)
  21. Processing History (III)
  22. Processing History (IV)
  23. Processing History (V)
  24. Processing History (VI)
  25. Processing History (VII)
  26. PixInsight Projects
  27. Development Community
  28. Development Community – WeightedBatchPreprocessing
  29. Development Community – Image Analysis Scripts
  30. Development Community – Image Inspection Processes
  31. Development Community -- Astrometry Tools
  32. Development Community -- Comet Alignment
  33. Development Community -- Multispectral Imaging Scripts 1
  34. Development Community -- Multispectral Imaging Scripts 2
  35. Development Community -- Intensity Transformations 1
  36. Development Community -- Intensity Transformations 2


This series of video tutorials has been made by the WeDoArt Productions team, made up of Alicia Lozano and Vicent Peris, with scripts by Vicent Peris that largely reproduce the content he teaches in his image processing courses.


On the occasion of this official release, the first five video tutorials of the series are now available covering the following topics: workspaces, AutoHide windows, image windows, and views. They will be releasing new videos at a constant rate in the coming weeks until completing the 36 instalments that make up this first introductory series.

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