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NGC7822 - Ha/Sii Bi-Colour


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Heres my next update for my NGC7822 narrowband project I started in August


Despite the cloudy weather we have been experiencing, I managed to get over 10 hrs of Sii subs this month

I went through the Sii subs today and rejected over an hours worth but still had 9hrs and 5mins.

Processed them in APP and Pixinsight and combined with the  10.5hrs of Ha to give me a bi-Colour.

Used Pixel Math to give me the colour palette :

R= sii*0.1+ha*0.9
G= sii*0.6+ha*0.4
B= sii*0.8+ha*0.2


Hopefully I can capture another 10 hours of Oiii before the moon gets too intrusive.... so next iteration will hopefully be a full Ha/Sii/Oiii image


Image details :

Camera  : ASI2600MM Pro

Scope : Stellamira 90mm ED Triplet with 0.8x FF/FR

Dates: 31 Aug 2022 ·  1 Sep 2022 ·  16 Sep 2022 ·  17 Sep 2022 ·  20 Sep 2022 ·  23 Sep 2022
Frames: Antlia 3nm Narrowband H-alpha 2": 127×300(10h 35′)
              Antlia 3nm Narrowband Sulfur II 2": 109×300(9h 5′)
Integration:  19h 40′


I processed both Ha and Sii integrations starless , after I had star aligned them then removed stars, I combined the processes integrations in a non-linear state to generate the bi-colour image then I added the Ha white stars using screen transfer function





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