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NGC7822 - Final Chapter in Three Narrowband Channels


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I am beyond amazed that I managed to capture over 11hrs of Oiii  in the last couple of nights which has allowed me to complete this project.
On Tuesday/Wednesday night, imaged unti 5:30am !!! and then Wednesday evening this week I got another 4.5hrs - it was not forecast to be that clear and the fact that there was no moon to interfere with Oiii - well I am stunned, its one of these rare occasions when everything aligns..........


So I've now processed the final image  as SHO with HOO stars ( I actually use a dynamic SHO pallette combined with a classic SHO pallette and then tweak with curves)


Captured using ASIair

Processed using AstroPixelProcessor, Pixinsight and Photoshop CC

1 Sep 2022 ·  16 Sep 2022 ·  17 Sep 2022 ·  20 Sep 2022 ·  23 Sep 2022 ·  27 Sep 2022 ·  28 Sep 2022
Antlia 3nm Narrowband H-alpha 2": 127×300(10h 35′)
Antlia 3nm Narrowband Oxygen III 2": 130×300(10h 50′)
Antlia 3nm Narrowband Sulfur II 2": 109×300(9h 5′)
30h 30′


Imaging Telescopes : StellaMira 90mm ED Triplet with 0.8X FF/FR
Imaging Cameras : ZWO ASI2600MM Pro
Some interesting science stuff from Wiki and others :
NGC 7822 is a young star forming complex in the constellation of Cepheus The complex encompasses the emission region designated Sharpless 171, and the young cluster of stars named Berkeley 59. The complex is believed to be some 3000 light years distant, with the younger components aged no more than a few million years. The complex also includes one of the hottest stars discovered within 1 kpc of the Sun, namely BD+66 1673, which is an eclipsing binary system consisting of an O5V that exhibits a surface temperature of nearly 45000 K and a luminosity ~100000 times that of the Sun. The star is one of the primary sources illuminating the nebula and shaping the complex's famed pillar of creation -type formations.
So thats September's image done and dusted - another 30+hr project in the bag - so now have to decide what to image in October ??? ( I will say I am temped to re-visit the Spaghetti nebula with this 3nm narrowband setup as the image Tony posted got me thnking about another mosaic marathon on the Spaghetti, and if I just upgrade ASIair to 2.0 so I get the new mosaic feature.....Hmmm)



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Fantastic piece of work Bryan!


Re: the ASIair and Mosaic. If you don’t want to risk using the Beta, you can do exactly the same just using Telescopius to set up a mosaic and export/import it’s details directly into ASIair (current sw). 


I didnt realise that you could import from Telescopius directly into a Plan but you can, in fact it’s a simple Copy/Paste between devices if you are using Apple devices (haven’t tried with Android). 

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